Thursday, September 4, 2008

Festy Food Feast

We were presented two challenges involving the consumption of manky putrefied shark, Greenland's finest. Since the dares were of similar nature, Tris couldn't resist topping up with an extra animal part from the local supermarket. The bonus culinary delight consisted of vacuum packed ram's testes pickled in yellowy/green jelly.

Shark on the left, balls on the right

Preparation at the dinner table

First bite

Don't think about Aries!

Tastes like a chicken liver pate
Tris' next challenge involved finding a person of Viking descent, preferably blonde, to spoon feed him harkarl (putrefied shark). After some initial trepidation, he approached some locals requesting a snack. After unleashing the melting meat from its casing, the entire pub was engulfed in the stench of ammonia.
What lies within?

After professing his love for Tris "the most beautiful man in the world", Viddi took to his job with gusto.

The look of satisfaction

Unfortunately for Tris, Viddi didn't turn out to be of Viking descent, but was Swedish. The dare was not yet fulfilled and he'd have to go back for more. We soon found a proper feeder to replace the Swede, who fortunately was much blonder and Icelandic.

I'm sure it will be better this time


Tris would like to thank Gerry, Veronica, Dom and Emma for the dares and charitable contributions, and the shark and ram for their bodies.

Further donations to reach the A$4200 goal would be much appreciated. Tris is in England contemplating hedgehog and badger bits... make a suggestion, if you dare.