Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fuel the Mules .. WITH FESTY FOOD!

As we approach our donation target on the mycause charity site, we are proud to say we have reached the top 5 highest earners of all time!

In order to reach our total we are willing to go to desperate measures for your entertainment.. and donations :) Photographic evidence will be supplied.

Feast your eyes on this appealing plate of traditional Iceland cuisine

Unfortunately due to seasonal variation, some of the pictured foods are not available. We have done some research and found what foods are available at the moment. We propose the following dares with suggested amounts, other dares are welcome!

Putrified shark meat (Hakarl)
Lonely planet description: Iceland's most famous stomach churner. Hakarl is Greenland shark, an animal so inedible that it has to rot away underground for six months before humans can even digest it. Most foreigners find the stench (a cross between ammonia and week-old roadkill) too much to bear, but it actually tastes better than it smells.. It's the aftertaste that really hurts.
Our suggested pledge: $50 per Mule family member

Sheep's head (Svið)
Lonely planet description: Singed sheep's head (complete with eyes) sawn in two, boiled and eaten fresh or pickled.
Our suggested pledge:
  • $100 - 2 hours used as bicycle seat
  • $150 - Used as helmet whilst defrosting
  • $200 - Consumed by all members of the Mules
Head Cheese (Sviðasulta)
Lonely planet description: made from bits of svið pressed into gelatinous loaves and pickled in whey.
Our suggested pledge: $50 per Mule family member

Any other imaginative suggestions are welcome!

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